Source it Inc. provides Employment Solutions and HR Services for Businesses across Hawaii

“A locally owned and operated commercial employment agency, Source it Inc. specializing in Hawaii staffing: temps, temps-to-hire and permanent hire. Our company also handles employee leasing, including all HR Administration services. We are all small employment agency that offers competitive rates & rapid response. Our company strives to find a good match for both you and the employee.”

Source it Inc.

A Leading Hawaii Employment Agency that provides the Staffing Solutions and HR Services Your Local Business Needs

Source it Inc. takes the hassle out of job recruiting; we’re a full service Hawaii staffing agency dedicated to providing staffing solutions throughout Oahu, HI. Our local staffing recruiters will work with your business to understand your business’ employment needs and deliver on our commitments.

Our labor ready workforce includes:

  • Temporary Hawaii Job Seekers
  • Part-time Hawaii Job Seekers
  • Full-time Hawaii Job Seekers

*Employees are screened and interviewed to give your business the perfect staffing solution.

At Source it we:

  • Build relationships with our customers.
  • Develop mutual business understanding.
  • Deliver on our commitments.
  • Have the patience to understand your needs.

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Let Source it do your recruiting for you!

  1. Do you have the time to advertise new positions, read numerous job applications, and conduct the interviews?
  2. Do you have the time to find out if the employee is qualified?
  3. Wouldn’t it be best to have a third—party HR person to discuss on-the-job professionalism and deal with unwanted amounts of paperwork?
  4. Let Source it Honolulu staffing agency staff your jobs for you… we have a ready labor pool of Hawaii applicants who have been screened & interviewed.  Source it provides a labor ready workforce for Hawaii full-time jobsHawaii part-time jobs and ​​Hawaii temporary jobs.

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