Client Success Stories

Just some of the results we've delivered for Hawai‘i businesses
Client story #1


Talent counts when world class brands are on the line

Don't worry — you're not the only one who didn't realize Coca Cola bottles some of its product right here on Oahu! Believe it or not, they employ over 500 people and generate $66 million in annual sales for this bubbly beverage behemoth. Dr. Pepper, Monster Energy, and Dasani Water are also bottled at this plant.
Coca Cola knows they can trust Source it to send them quality people, and work within their unique parameters to fill any job. Source has proven to be one of their longest-standing agency relationships since they started in 2016. Source it staffs positions in a wide variety of Coca Cola's critical logistics and manufacturing jobs, warehouse workers, truck drivers, the production process itself, sanitation, etc. They're our favorite customers to work with!

Jonathan and his team always go above and beyond for us. We almost always have last minute requests and they always send nothing but the best workers!


Coca Cola Bottling of Hawaii

Client story #2

Lex Brodies

We keep them moving forward so they keep you moving forward!

For 10 years, Source it has played a small but important part maintaining the Lex Brodie's labor backbone. We rapidly fill roles for them across many different locations – from mechanical laborers, general laborers, delivery drivers, cashiers, customer service, tire service representatives, and even some of their administrative sides.
With so many locations and so much hands-on work, you can imagine how busy Lex Brodie's is. When someone can't make it to work or they lose an employee, they don't have time to recruit someone new, interview, train, etc. They just need someone... immediately! Because of the talent pool we've accrued over the last 15 years in business, we're often able to assist them and put their minds at ease.

Client story #3

When members expect the best, you need to hire the best

One of the premier yacht clubs in the Pacific for more than 60 years, the Waikiki Yacht Club sports docks which accommodate 150 boats along its waterfront bar. There's also a dining area, swimming pool, locker rooms, meeting areas, etc. These positions and more, Source it staffs for on both short-term and long-term basis. Yacht Club members expect top notch service so we always pull our most seasoned people for them.

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