We fill more than just roles.

Focus on what makes your business best, not all its back-office burdens. Our proven track record means you can trust you're in great hands with our seasoned team.

Services we provide

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Ask about our Certified Payroll service!

If any of your employees or contractors/sub-contractors are doing any work for State- or Federally-funded construction projects, you are required by law to certify their payroll through an outside agency like ours.

We make your life easier

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Save Time

Our experienced staff can blaze through all that minutia up to 4X faster than your own employees

Your staff will be focused on what they do best, too


Save Money

Change hefty employee and related expenses into timely-deployed, strategic assets instead.

Year-over-year savings will show that bottom line who's boss!


More Flexibility

Smoothly adapt your staffing needs to changes in your business and the market in realtime

"HR Zen" is this state of being perfectly staffed at all times


Increase Productivity

We structure workers such that they're compensated based on work quality and efficiency

We'll immediately replace anyone you're having problems with!


No contracts. No hassles. No problem!

No long-term contracts or all-or-nothing, package deals select a service below to read more about it...

Strategic candidate sourcing to find those hidden, perfect fits

Whether your role is based or highly specific, we have over a decade of connections across Hawai‘i and will not rest until you've found the right people.

Hire faster, minimize risk, and scale your team size up or down at will

In this unstable market, employers want to hire but are afraid of long-term commitment and cost. Instead, we can assume the risk and transition them to your team only if/when you're ready!

Achieve "HR Zen" by unburdening yourself from payroll and taxes

Let us shoulder your two biggest stressors. Accurate, on-time certified payroll service and completely hands-free tax management.

Can you say "Oooomm..." ?

Certified payroll services

Health care costs are expected to continue accelerating in 2022

Keeping your workforce healthy and happy is key. By leveraging our purchasing power, combining workforces across all of our clients, you can afford something great without burning your bottom line.

Bad things happen at unexpected times

We make take care of Workers Compensation Insurance, too, ensuring the exact right amount of coverage. Our specialists have 15 years of local experience keeping our clients fully and affordably covered.

Stay in compliance, with a safety net for your staff

When the market or your business fluctuates and you need to let great people go, we'll have done all the legwork already to make sure they're taken care of, keeping you in compliance.

Let's aloha together

Let's connect, and make your life a little easier...

After 15 years providing HR services and sourcing workers for everyone from Sea Life Park to Ka Lei Eggs, we have what it takes to handle anything that comes up. Let's talk about how we can help you!