Keeping you moving in a tough job market

With 15 years of experience in Hawai‘i filling all types of roles, we have a tried and tested workforce pool to draw from when you need workers, whether just filling a temporary role or the perfect fit for a long-term position.

Read about our sourcing and job placement services below!
  • Recruiting & Screening
  • Flexible "Temp Work"
  • Long-term Job Placement
  • Payroll Administration
  • Certified Payroll Services
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Health Care Insurance
  • Worker's Compensation


Recruit. Screen. Place. Nurture.

Millions of local businesses rely on staffing agencies to improve flexibility and lower their bottom lines

Outside staffing arrangements are playing an increasingly vital role in providing labor flexibility and helping American companies control labor costs. The days of “temps” covering just for illnesses are long gone.

Today millions of local businesses are taking advantage of a wide variety of staffing solutions to help improve the bottom line. Large companies such as Fidelity, Apple, EA Games, and many more have turned to temporary staffing services to help meet the demands of fluctuating markets.

We free you up to focus more time on your business

Our mission at Source it Hawaii is to become your HR partner by giving efficient and effective staffing solutions that meet your everyday evolving business needs. We can absolutely help you with emergencies or one-off jobs that come up but our goal is to embed ourselves as your go-to agency for everything labor-related.

Let our ‘Ohana solve your businesses’ short- and long-term objectives by supplementing your workforce with outsourced, qualified employees. You’ll soon find that hours of work posting job ads, calling, interviewing, screening, and then hiring employees is taken of your shoulders. Not to mention all the paperwork that follows hiring an employee.     phew!!


Most common reasons for using temporary employees

to fluctuation in business
recruiting, payroll, benefit, unemployment, workers comp. and administrative costs
permanent employees through temporary to permanent arrangements
staff for special projects
your overall risk

Save Money

Save Money

Our experienced staff can blaze through all that minutia up to 4X faster than your own employees

Your staff will be focused on what they do best, too

Save Time

Save Time

Change hefty employee and related expenses into strategic assets instead

Year-over-year savings will show that bottom line who's boss!



Smoothly adapt your staffing needs to changes in your business and the market in realtime

"HR Zen" is this state of being perfectly staffed at all times

Lower Risk

Less Risk

We structure workers such that they're compensated based on work quality and efficiency

We'll immediately replace anyone you're having problems with!


Trusted by Hawai‘i's top brands

We love working with small- and medium- sized businesses most of all, but have experience with companies of all varieties and sizes

We learn your particular needs and requirements

You're always treated with the respect you deserve

Unlike the big mainland firms, where you're just another number, we know you have unique needs and take the time to talk through and understand them. Our Oahu employment agency understands the local culture and has excelled at compiling a talented, labor-ready workforce for all types of employment.

We match the right person for your roles

We do all the work so you don't have to

Nothing costs more time and money than placing the wrong person! With 15 years serving Oahu's unique markets, we know how to find and properly screen and interview people for your roles until the right candidate is found. Some of the ways we save you time and hassle:

  • Scout, find and engage candidate attention
  • Screen and interview potential job fits
  • Remain on stand-by

We're in it with you for the long haul

Soooo many ways to serve you

Consider us your business partner, not just the staffing agency you use. Source it won't rest until your roles are filled, and always follow up to ensure the right fit was found. We offer payroll, tax and other HR related services to make life even easier!

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Employers Love Our HR Administration Solutions

Take all the busy-work off your hands !

Hawai‘i businesses like yours are busier these days than ever before and are often already stretching resources as far as they'll go. Source it takes the stress –and risk– out of the hiring process for you to make it a breeze.

Our Certified Payroll service is particularly popular because it makes life easier for both parties, and is legally required for a lot of State and federally funded/related work.

  • Payroll Administration & Disbursement Solutions
  • Certified Payroll Service
  • W-2 Tax Filing Support

  • Worker's Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Health Care Insurance